Michelle Schladenhauffen Van Fund

Michelle Schladenhauffen Van Fund

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Michelle Schladenhauffen Van Fund

Michelle has placed a $500.00 deposit on a 2018 ADA Compliant Dodge Caravan at Mobility Works. We must accept delivery on or before June 30, 2019. We need to raise $35,000.00. Please make your tax – deductible contribution today!

Amount Raised – $17,000.00

Our Goal – $35,000.00

About Michelle

Michelle is a New Hampshire state advocate for disability rights. She fought her way back into the independence of community living after living in a nursing home for five years. She currently resides in Portsmouth, NH in an independent living apartment designed for people with disabilities called Betty’s Dream.

Michelle is a sketch/watercolor artist now registered with the state of New Hampshire as a small business called “Watercolors By Michelle”. Michelle creates mostly in the winter months as a form of therapy.

Being outdoors tends to be a challenge for her, due to the need for transportation. In warmer months she can better access her wheelchair outdoors but is limited to where she can go. Getting to events or much needed doctors’ appointments is difficult and sometimes impossible, because of transportation. Michelle gets stuck indoors and misses out on important appointments that affect her health.

Michelle’s desire to obtain an accessible van at a cost of $35,000.00 will give her the freedom to get to doctor’s appointments, go to church, work on her artist goals, continue being a strong NH advocate, and can be social. Being a bigger part of her community. Enjoying her civil liberties like everyone else in society. Not being home bound.

Please make a tax-deductible contribution today!


Paintings By Michelle