Jillian's Journey

Jillian's Journey

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Jillian's Journey & The Carter Family

There is a special little girl in an orphanage in China who needs to begin her journey to succeed at life. The Carter family is the forever family willing to begin Jillian’s journey despite her challenges.

Jillian was born Dang Meng Jia on November 19, 2014 in Heze City, China. Her file states “…On Nov.24,2014, Beicheng police station in Mudan District, Heze City received 110 command, which said an abandoned baby was found at the gate of social welfare institute of Heze City, her birth parents could not be found after investigations, so she was sent to welfare institute for raising…” The report continues “DANG MENG JIA suffers deformity of right limbs and low birth weight. Welfare institute contacted with Beijing Chunhui Boai Fund, sent MENG JIA there for treatment…” Jillian also suffers from hearing loss and deformed toes.

Jillian’s journey to succeed will be limitless. It not only includes coming home to the Carter family but will include an unknown diagnosis, medical intervention and multiple therapeutic services.  This beautiful special needs child needs your help. You can be a beacon of hope in the for this special needs child by making your tax deductible donation to Annie’s Angels today.

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