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Barbara Morse

I am Barbara Morse. I was in a car accident April 7, 2011. The other driver ran a stop sign and blindsided me.  This caused severe damage to all the ligaments in my left sacroiliac joint as well as a herniated disk; resulting in debilitating pain.  The other driver was also underinsured resulting in extensive financial and medical costs. I have been out of work since.

The treatment recommended to me in 2011 to heal the ligaments caused severe nerve damage. It took me over three years to find out there had been an environmental toxin in that solution. This along with three concussions has complicated this very complex injury.  I have tried many therapies to heal the nerve damage; none were effective enough to heal the nerves.

Last fall I found in Springfield, Louisiana. After sending in an application, the Medical Director called me and we spoke for 45 minutes. He has had other very challenging cases and is confident he can help me get back to work with their state-of-the-art NeuroRecovery/Brain Restoration ( IV treatment.

They are the first in the country to do this life saving treatment and have been successfully helping those with complex medical issues and neurodegenerative illnesses for over 20 years.

I need and want to return to work, not only for financial reasons, but to contribute and give back. Springfield Wellness Center is my best chance. My healthcare providers are on board with this.

I would be so grateful if you would consider donating to the cost of treatment and travel expenses to and from Springfield Wellness Center. The cost of treatment, air fare, car rental, gas, lodging, and food is approximately $23,000. 

Please know any amount helps!  Thank you for your consideration. 

With Sincere Gratitude,

Barbara J. Morse