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Children enter Foster Care suddenly, often due to a crisis situation at a moments notice. 75% of the children removed are placed with Foster Families who then care for the child as they would their own until the courts can decide what is best for the child. The average Foster Child spends 2 years in State care. The most immediate burden on the Foster Family is the fact the children often come with nothing. Imagine you suddenly have a child who will now live with you, who has only the clothes on their back. And, aside from the financial burden of needing to purchase a full wardrobe for the child, you are not able to bring the child to the store right away due to their emotional state as a result of the horrific ordeal they may have just experienced, hours before coming to your home.

The Pass Along Project, through partnerships with community organizations, provides a clothing “bundle” to Foster Families at the time of a new placement. The bundle consists of a basic wardrobe of gently used clothing specific to the child’s size and gender. The Pass Along Project delivers the bundle directly to the Foster Families door in their time of need.


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