Music Therapy at The Rhythm Tree


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At The Rhythm Tree, our mission is to help individuals with special needs build their self-esteem, improve their quality of life and reach their developmental goals.

We are board certified music therapists who are passionate about helping people with special needs and we believe that everyone deserves to learn in a creative, musical and motivating atmosphere. To create an environment that fosters self-expression, we structure engaging sessions that are inspiring, fun and full of laughter. We also support and nurture inner strength and self-confidence by providing a musical landscape where clients experience joy and success.

What is music therapy
and what are its benefits?

Music therapy is an established health care profession that uses music to accomplish therapeutic goals. In a typical session, the client and therapist create musical experiences through instrument play, movement to music, singing, vocalizing and song-writing. These experiences are focused on self-expression, improving quality of life and addressing developmental goals. Clients do not need any musical skill or experience to participate in and benefit from music therapy.

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