Drumming Against Parkinson’s and Aging


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Rhythmic drumming can make a difference in the lives of those affected by Parkinson’s Disease or Aging – so can you!

People affected with Parkinson’s experience shaking, tremors, muscle stiffness and loss of balance. As we get older, memory loss, sleep deprivation and loneliness slowly creep into our daily lives. The good news is these symptoms and more can be improved through rhythmic drumming.

The rhythmic motion of drumming improves motor skills,  develops muscle tone, and stimulates brain functions. Drumming also increases dopamine and serotonin levels which helps to create an overall healthy emotional outlook. And the social aspect of drumming in a group can decrease stress levels, regulate blood pressure and improve sleep habits. Not to mention – it’s just plain fun!

Annie’s Angels is proud to announce its newest program:
Drumming Against Parkinson’s and Aging!

Drumming Against Parkinson’s and Aging offers 10-week rhythmic drumming sessions to residents of Rockingham County Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (RCRNC) and our neighbors affected by Parkinson’s. Drums are provided for the participants, and sessions are led by the talented Multi-Instrumentalist Musician, Composer and Teaching Artist Randy Armstrong.  The program is free to residents of RCRNC, and only $50.00 for the full 10-week course for non-residents.

Your contribution will help launch this program!

We’re in need of funding to purchase drums and pay for instruction. We ask you to give what you can – no amount is too large or too small! – to help us launch Drumming Against Parkinson’s and Aging in September. Generous contribution from you and other supporters like you will help move Drumming Against Parkinson’s and Aging from the design state to reality!


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