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Our Families, Their Stories

Each family that Annie’s Angels supports has a unique story, read about them here.

New Hampshire Fundraisers

Brayden Christmas Fund

Hi we are the Christmas Family. In March of 2007 we welcomed our son, Brayden Cole Christmas into the world. His name means brave warrior. He was born with severe hydrocephalus, adducted thumbs, club feet, nystagmus in both eyes- which he now wears glasses for- and muscle spasticity. He was then diagnosed with L1 syndrome which is a rare genetic disorder. He has undergone over 17 surgeries in his ten years. Six of those surgeries were in the first six months. He now wears braces on both feet. He is primarily g-tube fed. He is non-verbal, has a shunt and baclofen pump for muscle spactity and he does not walk, but thankfully that’s not everything.

Emily's Stair Lift Fund

Emily is a beautiful 11-year-old girl who has been a fighter since the day she was born!

We were told she would never leave the NICU and if she did, she would never walk, talk, see, hear, smile or breathe on her own… and she definitely would never see her 1st birthday. She did. They said she wouldn’t see her 2nd birthday. She did. On her 3rd birthday, her neurologist told us she is writing her own story and we are just along for the ride – that’s still true today.

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Trevor's Miles

Trevor Miles is used to challenges. He had a especially tough winter medically. He faced everything with such bravery and humor. His uplifting and strong spirit touched the hearts of many.

He sprouted inches and for a kiddo who grows slower than most this was amazing to witness. He looks forward to continuing to ride horses and get out on the river fishing. He enjoys everything about being outside and now that winter is behind us the time is now.

Love For The Carpenter Family

Those of us that know Dylan Carpenter have watched this incredible human being grow from a kid who was always mature beyond his years to the teenager he is now. His keen sense of mischief, strong wit and a sly smile have always been trademarks of his very big personality. One who knows him cannot blame this on the teenage years.  He loves a good challenge and is a fierce competitor whether he is gaming, playing cards or wagering on a bet.  When presented with the choice of a cell phone or a pet pig, he chose the pig!  For those of you who have come to know Dylan in the last couple of years, you also know how hard it has been for him and his family. Despite it all he has taught us all what strength and courage means and continues to do so.

New Hampshire Fundraisers
New Hampshire Charities

Jillian's Journey

There is a special little girl in an orphanage in China who needs to begin her journey to succeed at life. The Carter family is the forever family willing to begin Jillian’s journey despite her challenges.

Jillian was born Dang Meng Jia on November 19, 2014 in Heze City, China. Her file states “…On Nov.24,2014, Beicheng police station in Mudan District, Heze City received 110 command, which said an abandoned baby was found at the gate of social welfare institute of Heze City, her birth parents could not be found after investigations, so she was sent to welfare institute for raising…” The report continues “DANG MENG JIA suffers deformity of right limbs and low birth weight. Welfare institute contacted with Beijing Chunhui Boai Fund, sent MENG JIA there for treatment…” Jillian also suffers from hearing loss and deformed toes.

Positive Thoughts For Keri

It’s been 6 years since her accident and Keri Bosworth is working her butt off on the road to recovery.

Keri means so much to so many different people. As a mother of two from Newmarket, Keri had her world turned upside down in June 2010, when a swimming pool accident crushed her C3 and C4 vertebrae, leaving her paralyzed.

Knowing her strength and determination, there is no question as to why Keri continues to improve each day. But with the progress, comes the struggle of mounting medical bills, which is why we need your Positive Thoughts for Keri.

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Love For Lexy

    In 2012 my family was devastated to learn my diagnosis. I have infantile Alexander’s disease, a leukodystrophy. Leukodystrophy means ill white brain matter. It is very rare, progressive and terminal. The prognosis we were given is 6-10 years old. I am now 8 1/2 and in 3rd grade. AxD affects my central nervous system. Myelin is the protective covering that insulates the nerve fibers. AxD causes that covering to disintegrate, exposing the nerve fibers, disrupting the transmission of my nerve impulses to my body. I am unable to walk so I use a wheelchair. I can’t use words to communicate but I still have quite the personality!  I am developmentally delayed and have a g-tube for my many medicines and for any days that I may not be able to get all my calories in orally. I require thickened liquids and pureed food as I have a swallowing disorder that causes choking and causes thin liquids to go into my lungs and pool around my vocal chords. I am a very medically fragile and complex little girl. None of this stops my spunky little attitude and my happiness. I bring sunshine to the darkest of days and have impacted all who have had me in their life. I love music and my many friends and family.

Support For Myla

On Wednesday January 28, 2009 Myla Gott was driving home from the gym and got into a serious car accident, from that accident she received a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

The night of the accident she was rushed to Portsmouth Regional Hospital, the following day she was transported to Mass. General Hospital in Boston. From the accident she spend several months in a coma/vegetative state, once stabilize at Mass. General she was transferred to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston.

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Weinberger Family Assistance Fund

Zack Weinberger is an 18-year-old who suffers from a rare form of Epilepsy called Lafora disease. It’s a terminal, progressive form of epilepsy that has, to date stripped him of his ability to walk, speak, feed himself and overall care for himself. He suffers daily from grand mal, absence, drop and nearly constant myoclonic (ticking) seizures. The disease is so rare that only about 200 cases in the world have ever been diagnosed.