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An Update and a Look Ahead – Bill DaGiau
Rally Ride for Military & First Responders
Rye By The Sea 5K Walk/Run or Duathlon
Donating Your Life Insurance to Charity: How It Works – 
Submitted by Brian Cisneros
How to SendOutCards to Benefit Annie’s Angels – Janet Hogan Carroll
Bookkeeping Excellence – Candie’s Bookkeeping and More
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Annie’s Angels Program Information

An Update and a Look Ahead
Bill DaGiau

I know there is a lot of stuff in this newsletter and all of it is important, but I need to say upfront, thanks to YOU we’re able to continue being a light in the darkness of disease, illness or disability each and every day. Thanks to YOU we are able to ease some of the stresses that come with a doctors diagnosis. We just can’t do this good work without YOUR support. I ask that you please consider making a tax deductible contribution to Annie’s Angels or visit  the
Our Families tab on the website and select a particular family to help. Get updates about “your family” on the website or follow them on social media to see how your contributions are working, and thanks again for your continued support.

Annie’s Angels is excited to welcome back Manchester UNH Enactus. This award winning team of students will be working to make Annie’s Angels better than ever for 2019. I would like to personally thank them for all they did to help us reach our Heavenly Ball goal of $100,000.00 last year!

A couple Saturdays ago I had the opportunity to ride Loretta Grace, my bicycle, 100 miles in a charity ride known as the Rodman Ride for Kids in Foxboro, MA. This was a ride that you could select one of the chosen kids charities to ride for and the money you raised went to that charity. The ride I did was to benefit Above The Clouds, an organization whose mission is to bring joy and hope through the wonder of small aircraft flight to children and teens who are seriously ill, disabled, under served, or facing other serious adversity. This non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization accomplishes its mission through its three programs: Dream Flyers, Cadet Flyers, and Discovery Flyers. The organizers of this charity will be bringing their special kind of fun to NH in October! They are currently accepting kids who would like to fly for their spring roster. If you’re an Annie’s Angels family and would like to check it out please email bill@anniesangels.org and I can get you more information.  

Save The Date

Finally, it’s save the date time! Our 12th Anniversary Heavenly Ball will be Saturday, March 9th at the Ashworth. We have some great changes we’re planning including opening the doors 30 minutes earlier so SAVE THE DATE! Tickets go on sale December 1st in time for Christmas.

 Rally Ride for Military & First Responders
Rally Ride Event Details

Invitation: Classic/Muscle Cars, Motorcycles & Scooters

Date & Location: Sunday October 14, 2018 @ Kingston Veterans Club, 36 Church Street Kingston, NH


  • 9:30am Show
  • 10am Motors on 1 hour Rally Ride
  • Free Cookout to Follow
  • Participant Fee $25
  • Additional Rider $10 each
  • Scooters available for rent at event

Register Here

Special Gift Offer: Sign up before October 1 and receive a $100 gift certificate to Fit Body Transformation

Fiscal Event Sponsor: Annie’s Angels Memorial Fund Inc.

Registration Is OPEN!!

Donating Your Life Insurance to Charity: How It Works

By Northwestern Mutual Life, May 22 2017
Part of our Financial Fundamentals Series
Submitted by Brian Cisneros

When Dr. Jeffrey Nielsen, 61, first took out his life insurance policy, he never guessed that he would someday donate it to charity.

As a young surgeon, he bought the policy to ensure he could take care of his family if anything were to happen to him. But now that his mortgage is paid off and his family is financially secure, the death benefit his insurance provides is no longer as critical as it once was.

In fact, he and his wife, Kristine, have been increasingly focusing on giving away their wealth in recent years. “We feel very fortunate,” he said. “I’ve done very well in my career, and we feel that to those who much is given, much is expected.”

While they’ve contributed generously to numerous causes in their community in the past, they decided to make a significant donation toward the Hancher Auditorium, a performing arts venue at the University of Iowa. The old auditorium was destroyed after a flood and was recently rebuilt. So the couple decided to donate their permanent life insurance policy, which had accumulated a cash value of around $230,000.

“Once the charity receives that policy,” said Northwestern Mutual Financial Advisor Ryan Brems, who works with the Nielsens, “they can decide to cash it in for the current cash value, hold it while the cash value continues to grow, or wait and eventually use the full death benefit.”

Brems has a handful of clients each year who decide to donate their insurance policies. “When people make contributions to charity,” he said, “they don’t often think about donating their life insurance policies — but it can be a great way to make a contribution.”

According to Brems, the reason life insurance is such an attractive vehicle for making donations is the flexibility it offers for both the charity and the donor.

For those who want to make a sizable donation, it can also be easier to donate a permanent life insurance policy rather than liquidate other assets in order to make that donation. That was case for the Nielsens, who wanted to make a larger donation but wouldn’t have been able to give as generously because they didn’t have the liquidity.

There are two ways to donate life insurance to charity.

It was really easy. I just met with Ryan and told him what I wanted to do, and he coordinated everything with my accountant and the University of Iowa. I had to sign a few papers, and that was it.


    This is what the Nielsens did. By making the charity the owner and the beneficiary, you get a tax deduction equal to your tax basis in the policy — usually based on the amount you paid in — or the cash value of your policy (whichever is less), and the charity has a number of options. This was helpful for the Nielsens since they needed to offset a higher tax bill this year after inheriting stocks. Brems suggests that you consult an accountant before donating your insurance policy to ensure that it’s the right choice for you.

    In this scenario, the charity then has the option of surrendering the policy and taking the cash value immediately or continuing to pay the premiums (if premiums are still owed) and letting the cash value and policy continue to grow. In the latter case, the organization could access that money later or wait and use the proceeds from the death benefit.


    If you don’t want to give away ownership of your policy to a charity, you can make it the sole or partial beneficiary of your policy. “If you do that,” said Brems, “you’ll maintain ownership of the policy, but you won’t get a tax deduction while you’re alive.”

    This might be the better choice for people who are concerned that circumstances might change and they might need access to their cash value or death benefit in the future. By maintaining ownership, you maintain the flexibility to change the beneficiary at a later date or use the cash value yourself.

    When you leave a legacy gift through insurance, you should let the charity know so that you can tell them what you would like done with the money.


Many people think that donating their insurance policy would be difficult or require a lot of paperwork, but that’s not the case, according to Nielsen. “It was really easy,” he said. “I just met with Ryan and told him what I wanted to do, and he coordinated everything with my accountant and the University of Iowa. I had to sign a few papers, and that was it.”

You can sign over a policy in its entirety, or you can give away part of your policy. “At some insurance companies like Northwestern Mutual,” Brems said, “you can divide your policy into two policies and give away ownership of one of those policies to a charity while keeping the other.”


The Nielsens are very happy that they were able to use their insurance to make a large gift toward a cause that they were passionate about. “I think it’s a great vehicle to use,” Nielsen said. “It allows you to give a sizable donation without a big cash outlay.”

Now that the donation has been made, the Nielsens feel good about their decision. “We feel like we’ve done something very positive and very good for our community,” Nielsen said. “We enjoy giving. It’s an important part of who we are.”

Brian Cisneros
Northwestern Mutual Life Representative

How to SendOutCards to Benefit Annie’s Angels
By Janet Hogan Carroll

Bookkeeping Excellence 
Candie’s Bookkeeping and More

Annie’s Angels prides itself on the accuracy and consistency of our bookkeeping. Candie’s Bookkeeping and More does both by tracking our daily operations, producing quarterly and annual reports as well as working with our Board Audit Committee to produce our quarterly internal audits.
I am honored to congratulate our bookkeeper Candie Wright for attaining the status of QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified ProAdvisor!
If you are unfamiliar with this title, Advanced Certified ProAdvisor is the highest level of certification QuickBooks Online offers.
Thanks for your commitment Candie!
Candie’s Bookkeeping and More

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Annie’s Angels Memorial Fund established Annie’s Helping Hands in 2012. Annie’s Helping Hands is a multidisciplinary holistic oncology program. Participants of the program are eligible to receive Massage, Reiki and Meditation therapies for up to 6 months. Services are provided by professionals you select and must have specialized training in oncology in their field.

Please contribute to Annie’s Helping Hands today!

Angel Fund
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Awarded: 2016 Lori Breard Achievement in Leadership Award 
2016 Hampton Chamber of Commerce Community Service Award
2X TownSquare Media Year of Service Award Winner
2015 Exeter Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit Business of the Year
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