Who Are Annies Angels

Dedicated To A Mission.....

…to help local families struggling financially through a life threatening disease, illness or disability connecting neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend and business to business in a caring fundraising network.

Annies Angels Helps In Major Ways

The first is by accepting grant applications. Grants awarded through Annie’s Angels are not limited to a specific type of expense. In addition to paying medical bills, grant money may be used for a variety of purposes such as purchasing medical equipment, buying gas to commute to and from treatments, catching up household bills, and even covering the cost of a special needs camp.

The second is by becoming a Fiscal Sponsorship. Annie’s Angels can step in as fiscal sponsor of a fundraising event. Fiscal sponsorship includes handling bookkeeping duties, preparing deposits, and taking care of IRS reporting. Annie’s Angels is a 501(c)(3) charity, and therefore is not liable for the same taxation that an individual would be subjected to without the fiscal sponsorship. For more information,

Other Services

In addition to grants and fiscal sponsorships, Annie’s Angels also offers programs designed to supply heating wood to families during the winter through our “Got Wood” program. Our goal for the Annie’s Helping Hands program is to try to ease the emotional and physical pain of cancer. Through Chris’ Pets for Vets we connect veterans with shelter animals to fight Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

New Hampshire Fundraisers


Bill DaGiau


Diane DaGiau


Board of Directors

The Annie’s Angels Memorial Fund, Inc. Board of Directors includes representation from across the state of New Hampshire. Annie’s Angels Board of Directors meet on the first Thursday of each month at Senior Helpers, 62 Portsmouth Ave, Stratham. Meetings begin promptly at 6:30 pm with a closed session and is open to the public from approximately 6:45 pm to close of business and a motion of adjournment by a board member, seconded by a board member.

Val & Annie DaGiau – Inspiration February 11, 1950-March 14, 2003

Board Of Directors

Bill DaGiau – Founder, Stratham, NH

Diane DaGiau – Secretary, Stratham, NH

EC Murph Henderson Jr – Vice President, Stratham, NH

Kelly Marion – Treasurer, Exeter, NH

Candie Wright – Trustee, Newmarket, NH

Matt Shaw – Trustee, Hampton, NH

Chris Beliveau – Trustee, Portsmouth, NH

Christine Goudin – Trustee, Raymond, NH

Buddy Hampson- Trustee, Exeter, NH

Tonya Knightly – Trustee, Northwood, NH

Advisory Committee

Jo Ann Clark – Stratham, NH

John St. Pierre – Advisor, Greenland, NH

Mike Welty – Advisor, Stratham, NH

James Jubb – Advisor, North Hampton, NH

In Loving Memory

Ann DaGiau – December 2002
Val DaGiau – March 2003

If you’ve been around me for any length of time, you’ve heard me talk about a young lady from Wanamie, Pennsylvania who one day packed her bags, boarded a Greyhound bus and got off in Passaic, NJ.

You’ve heard me talk about how she met the love of her life, got married and settled in Clifton, NJ where they had 3 sons. The oldest Pete still lives in Clifton, the middle son Dave passed in 1993 and because there is no one here to dispute it, there’s the 3rd and favorite son, me.

You’ve heard me tell about how she got her nickname Wildwood Annie that summer on the Jersey shore.

You’ve heard me talk about her kind and generous ways.

You’ve heard me talk about her Cancer diagnosis and her courageous battle, how she fought every step of the way.

And, you’ve heard me talk about how on Christmas night 2002 a good and gracious God sent his angels to take mom home.

While she was with us, throughout my life, without a doubt I gave her some grief, but I gave her joy too. I think she knows that she always had the most influence on my decisions. She shaped and molded me into who I’ve become, and I couldn’t ever repay her for that.

And so, I dedicate this charity to you. In your memory, in your honor, my prayer is that Annie’s Angels is able to affect many lives as you did mine, and lead many families from the darkness of life threatening disease, illness and disability and connect neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend and business to business as one caring, fundraising community.

New Hampshire Fundraisers

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