Fund Guidelines

Fund Guidelines

A fund can be set up in the name of a person or organization under our Annie’s Angels umbrella providing it fits our mission.

Once a fund has been established, individuals and companies are welcome to make donations to the fund via cash, check and credit card or on line donation.

An established fund can schedule fund raisers and all funds must be submitted to Annie’s Angels for deposit.

All fund raisers must include Annie’s Angels in any advertising. Example; XYZ presents ABC to benefit Annie’s Angels Memorial Fund or XYZ and Annie’s Angels presents a benefit for ABC.

Annie’s Angels will charge the fund a 10% service fee per monthly income to cover book keeping, banking expenses, other office expenses. Some of the service fee will be used in our general fund to help future families and organizations get started with their fundraising efforts.

If you raise $0.00 in a particular month there is no fee charged that month.

A monthly statement will be reconciled by our Annie’s Angels book keeper and emailed to the fund director for review.