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Amy’s Story

I first met Bill and Diane a handful of years back thru a cousin of mine. We were all sitting on a beach on a perfect summer day…and I was introduced to their fantastic Italian subs from the deli they owned at the time!

Well, fate would have it that we would get to know each other even better. I became very ill in February 2008 which resulted in a life saving heart transplant on December 31, 2011.

As a single mother of two, Aleksander and Tatiana, we quickly realized we needed to secure some additional finances, and fast! My cousin reminded us about Bill’s organization, Annie’s Angels. And the magic started to happen! While I was too ill to help organize, Bill and my family started moving on fundraising efforts. It boggles my mind how much work they did-as well as many others. The outpouring of support and love from the greater Seacoast area was humbling.

Annie’s Angels allowed me to focus my energies on my health and recovery. And I truly could knowing that medical expenses, prescription co-pays etc were of no concern.
I’m amazed at the love, support and dedication of Bill & Diane…as well as the board. We live in an amazing community. With Angels here on earth and watching over us.

“Forever Adored & Eternally Grateful!”