Victoria’s Victory Fund


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Victoria’s Victory Fund

Annie’s Angels is honored to be working with Victoria Arlen and her “Victoria’s Victory Fund.” The mission of Victoria’s Victory Fund is to help people from all walks of life achieve their own victory.

Whether it is granting someone independence by giving them a wheelchair, supporting an athlete as they pursue their dream of being a gold medalist or giving children in third world country orphanages shoes or another meal or even sponsoring someone to go to Project Walk Paralysis Recovery Center which opened this year right here in Stratham. This foundation is aimed at helping all kinds of victories to be achieved. After all it is about celebrating the magnificence of all victories.

After spending time with Victoria preparing for the BIG Seacoast Adventure Roll & Stroll I can tell you when she says “rock your disability” or “believe in your best self” she means it and she does! Victoria, who will soon turn 21 is a roll model not only to children or young adults her own age, she is a roll model to us all.