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Apple – iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi 64GB – Space Gray

1 Raffle Ticket for $10 or 3 Tickets for $20!!

Model: MK9G2LL/A
SKU: 4266204

  • · 7.9″ Retina display
  • · Apple iOS 9
  • · 64GB storage capacity
  • · A8 chip
  • · Wi-Fi
  • · 8MP iSight camera

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Win an 
Apple – iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi 64GB – Space Grayipad-mini4-step1-wifi-gray_GEO_US


Raffles are $10.00 each 3 Raffles for $20.00!

Drawing Date – Saturday, June 17th 2017

Hello Saga Warriors!!!
Ever since we heard of the NAPA center in California we have dreamt of taking Silas there! It has a very long waiting list and books a year in advance because of how popular it is for kids with CP and other disabilities. We applied for a spot and guess what!? They are coming to Boston and we got in! November 2017 Silas will have the chance to attend the traveling NAPA Center intensive therapy program for THREE WEEKS!! Five days a week, four hours a day!! That’s 60 hours of incredible, intensive, amazing therapy!!! And Silas will finally get a chance to participate!! We have watched our friends attend, and all of them have made incredible strides! Our friend Kate began to eat by mouth, our friend Magnus has seen incredible growth in vision and core strength, and our friend Mary is sooooo close to learning to walk!!! Silas will have the opportunity to receive two hours of therasuit, 1 hour of CME, and 1 hour of feeding therapy daily!!! I will explain further what this means as we go along! But let me tell you, this will be the beginning of something incredible for him!

As you know Silas is a determined little warrior boy and he does best when intensive therapy is applied. That’s why it is SO important to keep him in these programs. He is SO close to army crawling and has come so far with his assisted walking and eating by mouth! Our family works hard to provide Silas with everything he needs, and his needs always amount to more than we can handle. That comes with the diagnosis. We want Silas to have the best quality of life possible, and attending these intensives is the way to make that happen, as we’ve learned on this journey. With the communities help, and with the help of our closest friends, family, and even strangers who have been so kind to get us this far in our journey, Silas has been able to achieve so much! So, here we are again, asking for help from our tribe! Every little bit helps Silas reach new inch stones and milestones, and achieve amazing things that we take for granted every day. Thank you for helping us give Silas the best of the best!!

With thanks,
Melly, Matt & Silas Brown

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1 Ticket ($10), 3 Tickets ($20)