Peter’s Van Fund


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Peter’s Van Fund

Peter is an AMAZING young MAN who is humble and proud.  He asks for nothing. He relies on his family which has become more and more  “stretched” as he has grown into an adult.  Peter relies on family, friends, and health care workers for his care, companionship, and transportation.

He has an older, declining wheelchair van that has been repaired over and over again (only to continue to worsen with time and use). Currently, this old van needs many thousands of dollars of work with no guarantee that something else won’t go wrong!

Peter relies on the van to get him to and from his Medical appointments, his Family obligations, and his WILL TO LIVE LIFE day to day.  He is the oldest of 4 children, the only one in a wheelchair, and is very active in his family’s lives.  He is a SON, a BROTHER, a Friend, An UNCLE, A cousin, and a GOD PARENT…  He takes his roles very seriously as he does his health (which is monitored VERY VERY CLOSLEY!!)   His mother and his father are divorced and both parents are in FAILING health…
 Peter Jr NEEDS our help to assist him in raising enough money to obtain PROPER transportation to and from his medical appointments AND to and from his family OBLIGATIONS…  Peters van is on the brinks of death and he will have NO means to get to and from his NEEDED appointments or his family gatherings.
Our goal is to raise $50,000.00 to purchase a new wheelchair van. Please help us reach this goal! You can give a one time contribution or break it up into monthly giving.

Thank You