Moments that Matter


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Moments That Matter

In the summer of 2014, Amy was an independent, active, career-focused 26 year old woman when a crippling leg pain sent her to the doctors.

The piercing pain soon spread throughout her entire body, and progressively, more and more unusual symptoms piled on; burning nerve pains, severe fatigue, vertigo, and loss of peripheral vision. At first, doctors suspected that Amy had Multiple Sclerosis, but after nearly a year of suffering through debilitating symptoms and countless misdiagnosis through blood tests, multiple MRIs and biopsies, and a spinal tap, in April of 2015 that she was finally diagnosed with Dysautonomia.

 Dysautonomia is a condition that affects the autonomic nervous system, which controls everything in the body that you don’t consciously control; anything from heart rate to sweat and tear production. While the prognosis varies from patient to patient, it is expected that Amy may struggle with Dysautonomia throughout the rest of her life. There is currently no cure, but most of her symptoms can be managed with medications. For now, doctors are continuing their efforts to best manage her symptoms so she can restore her independence and she is learning to cope with some of the symptoms that she may have to tolerate for the rest of her life.

 At this time, Amy is unable to work and is living with her parents who are paying for all of her living and medical expenses.

Your donation of any amount is very appreciated by Amy and her family in assisting them through these trying times.