Keep Gary Strong


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Keep Gary Strong

This is my loving husband Gary, he has been fighting Prostrate Cancer for 7 Years this November.

In 2009 Gary had his prostrate removed, lymph nodes and reproductive organs. He had weeks of radiation treatment and hormone injections for two years. Then two years without, he was doing well but then his PSA started climbing. The Doctor put him on new meds and started him on hormone therapy again. That worked for a couple of years but then his PSA started climbing again. The Dr. said she wanted to put him in a clinical trial, but he had to be free of cancer growths. Gary had bone scans and CAT scans a month apart and the second one showed a spot on his right pelvic. He was not able to go into clinical trial and the Dr. said there was no cure. She suggested we go to Dana Farber, so we did!!

We needed HOPE and they gave it to us!!

There is a clinical trial that can slow down the cancer and give Gary more time…

Stress is a huge part of cancer spreading, and we are under so much stress with medical bills. He works 10+ hour a day at R & L Carriers.
Our medical bills are over $40K after insurance. And now he will be driving back and forth to Boston for treatments. We need help!

Gary and I got married 4 days before his operation, we spent our honeymoon in the hospital. With hopes that someday this would be all behind us and we would be able to enjoy a real one.

Gary has 4 adult children, 1 adult stepson, 2 grandsons and one granddaughter just born in August.

Now, we just pray that we have more time to be together.

We would be so Thankful for help, Gary is a man of great character, always laughing and smiling and most important putting a smile on your face. Children are like magnets when Gary is around. He has a huge heart and is a true gentleman. He would take the shirt off his back for you.

Gary is now in a Clinical Trial at Dana Farber in Boston. He goes every month for treatment and every 11 weeks for Bone Scan & CAT scan and a full blood work. Once a week he goes for blood work from his local doctor who reports back to Dana Farber.

Please contribute to help keep Gary strong!

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