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Homebound Haircare

Homebound Haircare is a program of Annie’s Angels Memorial Fund. This service provides quality haircare to those individuals confined to their homes due to age or disabilities. Our provider is Christi Cook, the founder of Homebound Haircare.

Here’s how it all began:

My name is Christi Cook. I am former owner of “To Fit Your Style” hair salon in Kingston, NH. I have been in the haircare business for many years! I was a wig bank provider for the American Cancer Society and I am a haircare provider for a local home bound personal care service provider and I have a BIG idea! Let’s provide haircare to home bound individuals! Let’s call it Homebound Haircare, let’s go to the client’s home and let’s do it at no cost to them!

I am working with Annie’s Angels Memorial Fund to do just that!

My goal is to have every client feeling more normal and more like themselves. It’s amazing what a quality salon experience can do to boost someone’s morale.
Will you help? Please make your tax deductible contribution today.

Here is a list of services and pricing for 2017:

  • Shampoo 20.00
  • Dry Hair Cut 27.00
  • Shampoo, Cut 30.00
  • Shampoo, Cut, Blow dry, Set 35.00
  • Beard Trim 10.00
  • Wax Brows 10.00
  • Upper Lip 10.00
  • Chin 10.00
  • Perm Partial 55.00
  • Full 65.00

We do offer discounts of up to 100% for those that qualify

“My goal is to have every client feeling more normal and more like themselves.”