Dakota’s Story


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Dakota’s Story

Hi, my name is Dakota. I am a four year old little boy with a genetic disability preventing me from walking along like other kids my age. I have many other significant daily skills that are impossible for me to accomplish, but never give up or stop having faith.

Dakota is a happy almost 6 yr old boy, with blue eyes and a smile that will warm your heart. His eyes alone tell his story of what his intentions in this world are.

Dakota was born with a rare genetic mutation of the UPF3B gene as well as a seizure disorder, MRCP, exotropia, GERD, asthma, hypotonia and global developmental delay. Dakota is non-ambulatory and non-verbal; he needs 24/7 support and is fed via a g-tube. He does not have the ability to sit up/stand without support, he loves music, lights and being outside.

Due to lack of funding for the transportation needs and alternative therapies for disabled children, We have turned to the community to raise money. Please help fund therapies, special needs equipment, trips to Boston Children’s, and most importantly the gift of safe transportation for Dakota to achieve the quality of life he deserves to have!

You could be the difference in Dakota’s life!