Craig Michael Inglis Recovery Fund


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Craig Michael Inglis Recovery Fund

We have all been to a cross road. That moment in time when you must choose between 2 or more options. Sometimes we choose wisely, sometimes not. We’ve all done it! Then, just like that, you find that one bad choice leads to more bad choices.

Craig Michael Inglis came to a cross road and made a bad choice, then yes, a series of bad choices. Through the prayers of his family and friends and the grace of a good and gracious God Craig saw his bad choice for what it was, made no excuses for his choices and asked for help and forgiveness.

Craig is currently in rehab. He will be there for 30 days getting clean and sober and learning how to live a clean and sober life style. Craig’s normal monthly bills will continue to grow and his medical expenses will bring added pressures. He will need our help and guidance in coming months but for now Craig needs our financial support to help make a successful transition.

PLEASE NOTE, Craig will receive NO direct cash from this fund! This fund will be managed by Murph Henderson and all distributions must be approved by Murph. All distributions will be made directly to service providers.

“Please keep Craig and everyone struggling through addiction in your thoughts and prayers as you contribute today.”