Brayden’s Ride


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Brayden’s Ride

Hi we are the Christmas Family. In March of 2007 we welcomed our son, Brayden Cole Christmas into the world. His name means brave warrior. He was born with severe hydrocephalus, adducted thumbs, club feet, nystagmus in both eyes- which he now wears glasses for- and muscle spasticity.

He was then diagnosed with L1 syndrome which is a rare genetic disorder. He has undergone 16 surgeries in his nine years. Six of those surgeries were in the first six months. He now wears braces on both feet as well as hand braces on both hands. He is primarily g-tube fed. He is non-verbal, has a shunt and baclofen pump and he does not walk, but thankfully that’s not everything.

Brayden is a very social young boy. He loves his school and his church. He signs some words and uses a communication device. He loves to watch and learn from his sister & friends and he can never give out enough hugs. His wheelchair is something he loves, its security for him and he’s done very well maneuvering himself around. Now at the age of nine and 58 lbs. the challenge has increased for us in getting him around. He and his wheelchair are heavy, so our next step is to get a wheelchair accessible van.

Vans range in price as cars do. However wheelchair accessible vans tend to be about $20,000-$25,000 more than the price of a van for conversion. With spending so much money we want to ensure our van lasts. Our current van is 10 years old. Converting this van would not be reasonable. So we are looking to raise $50,000 towards a new wheelchair accessible van. This van would be such a huge blessing to our family and our backs. Trips to the store or out for a quick errand won’t have to take quite as long or be so physically demanding. I guess you could say it would open up a lot for all of us.

Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughtful contribution.