Annie’s Helping Hands

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What is Annie’s Helping Hands?

Annie’s Angels Memorial Fund established Annie’s Helping Hands in 2013. Annie’s Helping Hands is a multidisciplinary holistic oncology program. Participants of the program are eligible to receive massage, facial and mediation therapies for up to 6 months. Services are provided by professionals with specialized training in oncology in their field.

Our Mission

A Our mission is to offer a clean, relaxing environment where cancer patients and their families can step away from the stress of their day to day life, be pampered in luxury, and find relief from emotional and physical pain.

Who Can Participate in the Program?

The Annie’s Helping Hands program is open to residents of Rockingham and Strafford counties who are currently receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment, are within a three month period of ending chemotherapy or radiation therapy or are currently preparing for or recovering from cancer related surgery. One primary caregiver of the oncology client can also receive a one-time complimentary one hour massage, soothing facial and meditation class.

How Do These Services Help Clients With Cancer?

Each of the services offered through the Annie’s Helping Hands program helps clients with cancer in a unique way. Below is a list of some of the greatest benefits of these services.

Massage uses the power of touch to help cancer clients reconnect to their bodies and feel whole again. Clients have reported reduced pain and improved elasticity to scar and radiation sites. It has also been widely reported by cancer survivors that massage gave them the ease and peace needed to sleep better at night. Reduced pain, improved sleep and peace of mind all help boost the immune system, which can aid in recovery.
The Soothing Facial replenishes the skin, which is the body’s largest organ. Skin is the proactive barrier between your inner organs and toxins the body is exposed to on a daily basis. Proper skin care is important for anyone going through radiation or chemotherapy treatment which can leave the skin feeling irritated, dry and sensitive. The Soothing Facial offers a gentle application of skin care products to help alleviate these symptoms. It also helps provide a calming effect and an overall sense of wellbeing.
Meditation classes help students learn how to cope with feelings and fears in a private, one on one environment. Three separate techniques are offered through the program. Transformation Meditation, Guided Imagery and Visualization. These techniques help the student learn how to control thoughts, look toward a more positive outcome and escape to a quiet, peaceful state. Meditation helps reduce insomnia and stress, increase inner peace and achieve a healthier mental, emotional and physical well being.

How Many Sessions Do Program Participants Receive?

Participants of Annie’s Helping Hands can take part in one, two or all three services offered through the program. The following guidelines have been established to ensure the program’s availability to as many clients as possible.

Participants of the program can receive (1) one hour or (2) half hour massages per month for 6 months. Clients must present a medical note of clearance from their physician before services can be performed. All massage services are provided by Rejuvenations Professional Massage, LLC. 603-775-7855
Participants of the program can receive six Soothing Facials given once per month for 6 months. A Soothing Facial is 60 minutes long and is based on individual skin care needs. Clients must present a medical note of clearance from their physician before services can be performed. Facials are provided by Aimee Nicole Esthetics. 603-817-9997
Participants of the program are eligible to receive a single one hour introductory class and 1 hour meditation &/or relaxation class. Since meditation is not a hands on service, clients are not required to provide a medical note of clearance. Meditation classes are provided by Serenity Meditation. 603-244-6420

All services are provided in the offices of  Rejuvenations Professional Massage 72 Portsmouth Avenue Stratham, NH 03885 in the Stratham Plaza