Alyssa’s Hope

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Alyssa’s Story

Alyssa is a bright, beautiful 22-year old on the Autism Spectrum. She also has OCD/Anxiety. Alyssa will have a long-term need for assistance which is why we are setting up this fund in her name. Here’s her story:

In October 2015, she went to live in a Transitional Living Program and was working on gaining life skills and independence.  Due to circumstances beyond her control, she was displaced from her housing in April 2016 and has been homeless since that time. She cannot live with us or a relative or stay in a traditional shelter due to severe sensory issues associated with the ASD and the OCD. So, she has been living in a hotel.

Alyssa has dreams of living independently, gaining life skills, getting her GED, going to college, getting a good job and giving back to the community.  This grant would help us pay for some of the costs of her temporary housing/shelter and will keep her safe and off the streets as well as out of the inclement weather. It will ease a burden and take stress off the entire family as well, knowing that she is provided for until she can get a permanent place to live. The funds for the ESG grant, which would allow the rental subsidy/stipend are supposed to be available in April 2017. So, hopefully, when those come through and she qualifies for them again, she will be able to finally obtain a long-term affordable apartment of her own, regain some stability, peace of mind and restore hope for a bright future ahead.


“Please Help Today!”