Collin’s Rodeo Cruiser

Collin is a 5 year old boy, youngest of 4 boys, with multiple medical conditions. He has intractable epilepsy, feeding and swallowing disorder which requires him to eat via a g-tube to preserve his respiratory health, he has low muscle tone (hypotonia), ataxia, he wears AFOs (braces to hopefully prevent invasive orthopedic surgery down the road), ADHD, global developmental delay (he’s an 18 month old in a 6 year old body), no safety awareness, urinary retention requiring intermittent catheterization, full incontinence care (he’s not potty trained). I could probably go on but this is depressing me.

Collin truly is a blessing and the happiest person I know. You can’t help but smile and laugh when he’s around. This kid truly is amazing. He suffers through test after test pokes and prods and comes out smiling and asking for kisses from everyone.

Collin is in need of a lighter smaller chair that provides him with the support of his wheelchair. Convaid Rodeo Stroller does that. With the lack of in home nursing care Collin is forced to accompany me on many of my errands to pharmacies  (we visit 4 different pharmacies multiple times a month). While it is true that Collin can walk, with our hectic schedule his little body gets drained quickly.

Can you believe that this piece of equipment is about $5500.00? Well, it is! You ask “Why, it’s rodeoTiltNew3just a stroller?” Because it’s a stroller for special needs children. The base model for Collin plus his special needs options will cost $5500.00. You may ask “do you need all of this?” YES we do! Unfortunately, without the options for Collin the stroller is rendered useless. For example; If Collin has a seizure, which he does often, he could hurt himself  without the body vest. Another mandatory option is the canopy/sunshade. Why does Collin need it? He  has issues regulating his body temperature. If he begins to overheat he has more seizures. each seizure does more damage to his brain. Some of his medications make him sensitive to the sun. One of them stops him from sweating! If he was to fall asleep he needs to lay back or he can choke on his own saliva so the recline option is also mandatory. “Why do you need this now?” We need it now because Collin is growing and has sized out of much of the equipment he has. Insurance will pay for some equipment but not all so it’s up to us but we can’t do it alone. These are life sustaining necessities not conveniences.

Our family is working with  Annie’s Angels Memorial Fund to raise money to help purchase the much needed “uncovered” equipment.  We can’t do it without your help.

Please make a tax deductible contribution today!